Personal injury

Personal injury law is an exceedingly complex form of law. It involves much more than the obvious health effects and injury. It involves the impact of the injury and how it has changed your life. It involves your family, relationships, your job and income, physical and emotional conditions—the qualities that make life whole. The full impact of injury is often unclear and difficult to define.

Life-altering injuries, health problems, and accidental death can happen anywhere:

  • In automobiles
  • At the workplace
  • On unsafe premises
  • While playing sports
  • During medical procedures

Salloum Watts practices personal injury law from both the defense and plaintiff perspectives, focusing on complex issues of liability and complex medical claims for brain injury and chronic pain. We handle all dimensions of your case and work on your behalf to get you fair settlements for all categories of damages including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income—for both past and future
  • Out of pocket expenses—all expenses related to your injuries
  • Cost of care
  • Other possibilities include: payment for caregivers, payment to family members who provided services during your recovery, payment for lost capacity to earn income, past, and future
  • The law continues to evolve and so do the reasons for compensation

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