Should I agree to not report

Q: I was in a car accident and the other driver who caused the accident was very apologetic and wanted me to agree to not report the accident to the insurance company and he would pay for my damages. Is this a good

A: When you get into a car accident and it is not your fault, it is the insurance policy of the other driver that will pay for your repairs. If the value of the repairs is so low that the other driver would want to pay out the claim himself, he might decide to do that with his insurance company directly. You should never agree to not report the accident. At the time of the accident, when the other driver is asking for your agreement to “keep it outside of the insurance companies” you might not even realize the full extent of your damages—to your car and possibly to yourself.

Personal injuries, particularly soft tissue injuries have a habit of settling in over time. Protect yourself and exchange the insurance details with the other driver and report it to your insurance company!