My Friend Says

Q: I was in a car accident recently and my friend says that I should get ….

A: While it is not uncommon for your friends, family and co-workers to want to help you and give you advice, you should only seek legal advice from a competent lawyer who deals with the type of situation that you are in. You should not hire a lawyer who practices only in family law to give you advice about purchasing a business and you should also not take legal advice about your car accident from your colleagues or even a lawyer who does not deal with car accidents. Unless your friend is a personal injury lawyer, I recommend that you do not take their advice about how you should proceed after you have been injured in a car accident.

While your friends are trying to be helpful, they are likely giving advice to you based on an experience they
had recently (or not recently) or perhaps their advice is only based what they learned while reading a blog.
They say opinions are like knee caps, everyone has one or two. Every case is different and each case needs
to be considered based on the specific facts of that case. Get good legal advice from a lawyer you trust