Extending your Stay in Canada During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Extending your stay in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic

If you are a temporary resident who is unable to leave Canada, whether you are a worker, student or visitor to Canada, it is of the utmost importance that you extend your stay in the correct manner.  Please contact our office for a consultation to determine what you should do.  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION TODAY.

Gaining an extension on your stay may prove even more complicated than usual given the latest travel bans, border closures, and restrictions implemented in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

If your status has not yet expired

You can apply online to extend your stay in Canada.

If you’re a visitor, you can apply to extend your stay in Canada.

If you are a worker or student no longer working or studying you can find out how to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor

If you want to continue working or studying, you may be able to extend your work permit or study permit if you’re eligible.   Include a note explaining the reason you need to extend your stay in Canada.

If your visitor record or study or work permit has already expired, and it’s been less than 90 days since your status expired

You can apply to restore your status.

If it has been more than 90 days since your status expired

You may be eligible to apply for a temporary resident permit, so you can remain in Canada with legal status.  When you apply, include a note explaining the reason you need to extend your stay.

Expect processing delays during coronavirus

Although the IRCC guidelines recommend that you apply for an extension of your temporary stay 30 days before your status expires.  However, because of the many questions that may arise with respect to extending status in Canada, you should begin working on their extension as soon as they are aware they will be seeking an extension.

This is particularly important with the emergence of COVID-19 as it is uncertain how visa processing will be impacted by this unexpected pandemic and it is wise to begin extension preparations as soon as possible to take into account potential delays

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