Hiring a Foreign Worker

For Canadian Employers

Many Canadian employers are experience labour shortages and have found very qualified candidates that are in Canada on a temporary permit or are overseas. Eligible foreign workers are allowed to work in Canada for an authorized period of time under the Federal Labour Market Impact Assessment Program if the employer can demonstrate that they have made every effort to find a suitable Canadian employee and have been unsuccessful.

The requirements to obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) are rigorous and the employer must be prepared to comply with the conditions imposed by Employment and Social Development Canada. (ESDC). In addition, the candidate must be able to show that they are fully qualified for the position being offered. Our professionals will work with you through every step of the process to ensure that the you as an employer are aware of the requirements and present the best case possible to prove your adherence to the same. We know how the process works for both the employer and the applicant and can provide counsel throughout to both parties.

We will work with you to prepare a comprehensive LMIA Application to present to ESDC and counsel you throughout the process to ensure you fulfill all of the requirements. We will communicate with government representatives on your behalf to provide clear and relevant information.

Once the Labour Market Impact Assessment is approved, we will work with your international candidate to prepare their Canadian Work Permit Application and arrange safe passage for them to Canada to begin their new adventure.

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